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Coventional mode of upload face

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This is a post in for the facemakers in particular.
A my idea is upload files .rar in the following way:

A folder with player's name and facemaker's name between parenthesis:

Inside the folder there are, 1 file .txt (optionally) that it contains parameters of face and hair, 1 file .jpg or .png that it represents the image of file .bin and 1 folder (face) for face.bin and 1 folder (hair) for hair.bin:

In my opinion, in this way, you have an archive of faces very ordered, is more simple to insert faces in the kitserver, and with all the names of the soccers player and the facemakers.

Your opinion?
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I personally think its pretty pointless, it is very easy to know who the faces are made from, and very easy to change in Kitserver, all you need is Player Manager thingy.
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Thats somewhat similar to what i do now.
But Jay's right, its real easy to add faces nowadays
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yeah use Player GDB Manager SmileSmileSmile
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