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Mamadou Doucouré
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HD tutorial for non HD .bin files (KONAMI original faces, etc.) (BY TOZA)

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PES2012 has unfortunately all faces in 256 x 512 format, if you would like to make a HD face and
use a KONAMI face as template, you need to resize it to HD.
You can use other software to do it, but I personally find the the two mentioned below the most reliable, easy and fast :

1. You need to resize your texture in PS (Photoshop) or another image editing software to the size
of 1024 x 1024
2. Install the needed software/plugins :
a) PES Ultimate Data Explorer
NVIDIA Texture Tools for Photoshop (depending on your OS-u choose the version)

3. Backup your old .bin file (better safe than sorry) !!!

Procedure :

1. Start PES Ultimate Data Explorer and open your .bin file (still not HD)
2. Kick on Image Editor tab...a file list will appear, usually with 3 files, sometimes more.
3. Choose the file with the texture, usually the last or the forelast file in the list, a image of your
texture should appear, sized 256 px i 512 px.
4. Klick on Save as DDS and save it under any name (not relevant) don't close PES UDE yet !

Working in PS

a) Start PS and open your DDS file
Go to image > Image Size... if needed tick-off Constrain Proportions and write
Pixel Dimensions 1024 in both slots
c) After successfully resizeing, copy & paste your preprepaired texture (1024 x 1024)
d) Flat all layers and save as DDS, a new window NVIDIA Texture Tools... will appear
Now we have some work to do in PS :

e) Use the setting as shown above and finally save this DDS

Return to PES Ultimate Data Explorer :

5. Choose Open DDS and load your edited DDS file
(if you did everything right, the texture size should be 1024 x 1024)
6. Klick on Replace Image
7. Klick on Save and your new .bin file is now in HD !
Sorry For my bad english!

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Thank you very much for this tuto, i can see all my faces better than before! it's formidable! Grin
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