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Change skin colour to special faces

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As always, i first want to thank all the face makers for their great job..

But i have a doubt and to avoid asking others to do it for me i would like to learn how to do it.

How do i change the skin colour to a special face?

For example how can i make lighter a face that for me is too dark or how can i make darker a face that for me is to light

These are some faces that are awesome but i think the skin aren't as they should

Faces by Ahai
Victorino (Other CONMEBOL).. (he is not brown.. he should be lighter)
Added: 19.07.10

Faces by Ahai
Forlan (Athletico Madrid).. (he is always tanned.. never that white)
Added: 19.07.10

Faces by Ahai
Perez (Monaco).. (he is not that tanned.. he is white)
Added: 19.07.10

hope someone can teach me or directly change the skin of the faces i listed above (maybe Ahai himself can fix them!)

thanks to everybody
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