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Erick Cabaco
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Sorting player's by nation not clubs would be a great change, we have to work on the faces of players that are not created yet.....

what do you think????

it would be much easier to sort the player's, there wouldn't be club transfers and so on........ that you have to worrie about!!!

sorry if my english is bad!!!
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Not going to happen Smile
First of all - I don't want to go through all 2.500 faces and give them a nationality.
Secondly: The sections would be way too big with over 100 faces under England.
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Maybe put the nationality of player in his name example : Torres ( Spain ) for Fernando Torres in A. Madrid
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[clap][clap][clap]Well i had that idea a long time ago... and you know... On the other side...if you follow the players with sites... like www.weltfussball.... you can easy put the players to their countries... so you will never hav a problem with choosing the right club for the player... think about it...every transfer window you dont have to take care about that...because the only think that does not change is players nationality...

Imagine to have a player face like Gouffran who has played seccond league in france last year... so if he vould be in FRANCE section, you know he is there, even if he plays third league... so there will be no Concaf, or Other players...

I know you want change your mind...but at least Think about it.. there is always a way... it is so simple... Grin
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